We are proud to be offering a new walking soccer program for residents in the Lower Mainland. Walking Soccer aims to promote an active lifestyle and strengthens community member relationships.

Popularized in the UK, walking soccer is a sport played identically to the conventional soccer, but with one key difference: no running. It is ideal for people who shy away from intense exercise for many reasons, but still want to partake in an active, social game. We welcome any person to join who may struggle with committing to a fitness regime, is recovering from an injury, has mental health concerns which limit them from exercise, or simply wants to have fun and meet new people.

With Walking Soccer, you’ll maintain a positive physical and mental health through a low- impact physical activity. Drop in programs are not limited to age,however, to play in the league the players must be 40yrs old or over.


Walking soccer is different to regular soccer in many ways. This low-impact version of the beautiful game is ideal for those with mobility issues, for those who are unable to play the game in its traditional format and for those who are looking to try something new and have fun! Men and women of all ages are welcome to join in!


Health & Social benefits include:

  • Reduce falls risks
  • Reduce obesity risk
  • Reduce stress and prevent heart diseases
  • Contribute to the decrease of cholesterol
  • Fight against the osteoporosis
  • Improve the immune system
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • Create a social link, reduce the risk of depression

Social benefit

  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression.
  • Improves emotional health and self-esteem.
  • Improves social relations.
  • Reduces loneliness.
  • Increased community involvement.
  • Provides a sense of camaraderie and friendship.

About Fraser Valley Walking Soccer

Soccer enthusiasts who are determined to promote the physical and mental wellness of individuals who face barriers to participate in a regular soccer game developed Fraser Valley Walking Soccer.

Fraser Vally Walking Soccer is a non-profit program aimed at promoting the wellness of people through modified soccer that is inclusive, fun and sociable. This 5-a-side version of the game is slow-paced but lacks none of the passion or excitement of the original game.

Our mission is to provide a positive soccer experience, inspire participation, and have an impact on physical and mental wellbeing.


Come out and try at a location near you!

In accordance with our goals to foster community involvement, we are hosting drop-in sessions for people of all ages and ability. We are proud to offer these sessions from Hjorth Road Turf Fields, in Guildford.

Drop In Session are held at Hjorth Road Turf Fields this Fall due to covid restrictions disabling indoor sports. The length of our season is 8 – 10 weeks long; priced at $80 for seasonal registration; one day a week. If you choose two days a week; the fee is $160 for the season.

2020 Fall Drop-In (registration is now open.)
– Day and Time: Mondays and Wednesdays. 5:20pm – 6:20pm
– Location: Hjorth Road Turf  Fields #1. Behind Superstore

Have a question?

Contact us with any, feedback or questions. Even if you’re seeking for a volunteering opportunity.



The league is designed specifically for participants over the ages of 40yrs old.

Local soccer clubs can enter a team in the league, as well as individuals can make a team and participate in the league.

There will be 10 weeks of Summer League.

Games on Saturday mornings

Rules & Regulations

  • 6v6 including goalie

  • Quarter field size

  • Volunteer refs

  • No foul language

  • No running

  • Throw ins if ball goes out of bounds

  • Two 20 minute halves

  • 5 minute break in between halves

  • Player substitution on the fly


  • 604-616-5303


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